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  • This Professional Learning Network is intended to foster communication and collaboration within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools community of teachers who are looking for help in meeting their students' language needs. The idea is that this site will be used for "multi-directional" SIOP communication. It is designed to help teachers communicate and collaborate with each other across the district more easily. It will also be a format for the district to communicate SIOP news and resources.

What's New?

If you are new to this site, click on the link below to view the SIOP Technology 101 Webinar. This webinar teaches you how to navigate the SIOP Wiki as well as Yammer.
SIOP Technology 101 Webinar
New National Board English as a New Language Standards

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  • We will all be learning how to use this wiki as we go, so there will be things we'll need to work out as a group. Your suggestions, contributions and patience will all be greatly appreciated.

Please e-mail Sarah Lang if you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this wiki

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