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Teaching Vocabulary -
Overview of SIOP and its Components -
Video that Depicts a Day for a Newcomer Student -

SIOP Overview and Review
This section of vodcasts are an ongoing series of 30 minutes webinars for Southwest Middle School for the 2012-2013 school year. The 10 module series will cover an intro and wrap up of SIOP plus the 8 components and 30 features.

Please feel free to e-mail Shawn Slakk, Title III SIOP Coach or Sarah Lang, SIOP Specialist if you have any questions regarding SIOP professional development.

These archived vodcasts are WMVs. If you would like to view them on your iPad, please visit for the latest upgrade.
Module 1: Intro to SIOP
Module 2: Lesson Planning
Module 3: Building Background
Module 4: Comprehensible Input
Coming Early November 2012
Module 5:
Coming November 2012
Module 6: Interaction
Coming January 2013
Module 7:
Coming February 2013
Module 8:
Coming Early March 2013
Module 9:
Coming March 2013
Module 10: Wrap Up & Putting It All Together
Coming April 2013

Interaction Component Featured (about 1 hour presentation) - Created by Sarah Lang

Strategies Component Featured - Created by Anjie Carpenter

Interaction Revised (created by Allyson Newton)

Helpful slide with growth pattern of LEP students in CMS

List of Language and Content Verbs

Lesson Preparation Song

Suggested Processes for Teaching Vocabulary

Doing It Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary Blog

Anticipation/Reaction Guide for Doing It Differently Blog

Direct Vocabulary Instruction Handout

Finding Pictures on Discovery Ed.

Overview of SIOP Model with one-pager on each component
Sheltered Instruction Strategies for English Language Learners

Video Clips