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The files in this section are Microsoft Word Templates. Download the version you want to your flash drive or home computer. To use, in MSWord, click File>New>New from exisitng and select the desired template. When you save the document you will be prompted to give it a name. If you want to save them to your personal computer, e-mail Shawn Slakk for directions.
Plain Paper Fill-in
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SIOP Lesson Plan 1 Handwritten

SIOP Lesson Plan 1 Fill In
SIOP Lesson Plan 2 Handwritten

SIOP Lesson Plan 2 Fill In
SIOP Lesson Plan 3 Handwritten

SIOP Lesson Plan 3 Fill In
SIOP Lesson Plan 4 Handwritten

SIOP Lesson Plan 4 Fill In
SIOP Lesson Plan 5 Handwritten

SIOP Lesson Plan 5 Fill In

Lesson Plans by Grade Level
The Mitten
Healthy and Unhealthy Foods (with Differentiation) NEW from CAL

First Grade

Dragonfly NEW from CAL
Nocturnal vs. Diurnal Animals NEW from CAL
Addition Stories NEW from CAL

Second Grade

Types of Weather (by Khurma Banks) NEW

Third Grade

How a Plant Grows (by Betty McCoy) NEW

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Greetings from America (by Leticia Trower) NEW
Practical Applications of Fractions NEW from CAL

Lesson Plans by Content Area


How Many Miles is 1000?


Social Studies

Bilingual Butterflies NEW


Types of Weather (by Khurma Banks) NEW